Friday, December 18, 2015

This is a Recipe for a Basic Pancake mix which I use all the time... They are fluffy and thick so you don't need many to fill you up... If you happen to run out of bread they make a great PB&J or make the batter slightly thinner to make a great flavorful wrap for your favorite meat or scrambled eggs and cheese... Top them with fruit or your favorite syrup No matter what you do with them you will enjoy them... Yummy... :)

Basic Pancake Batter

1/2 Cup Milk
1 Egg
2 Tbls Melted Butter or Margarine
1 Cup Flour
2 Tsps Baking Powder
2 Tbls Sugar
1 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1  Pinch of ground Allspice

Put egg, milk, melted butter, and vanilla into a bowl and mix well then set aside...
Mix all dry ingredients in large mixing bowl and whisk or sift together add egg mixture and whisk till all lumps are gone...spoon onto hot greased skillet and cook till bubbly all over and lightly browned on the bottom then flip and cook till lightly brown on second side...

If desired you can add any fruit to the batter in quantity that you desire or add it on top at the table....

For Waffles: double all ingredients EXCEPT ALLSPICE then  add an extra 1/2 cup of milk and 1 Tbl of melted butter.

For Chocolate Peanut Butter: Double all ingredients  LEAVING OUT ALLSPICE then add 1/2 Cup Cocoa, 1/4 Tsp salt, and 1/2 bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips.

Peanut Butter Topping: Mix 2Tbls Peanut Butter with 1 Tbl water and microwave until melted stirring every 10 seconds for up to 30 seconds if it is still too thick add water and repeat heating in 10 second intervals until you have the desired consistency...

Top with desired topping and enjoy...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hello world I am here today to write down my feelings of sadness and you know I lost My mom and best friend earlier this year and my Dad in the spring of last year and now it is the holiday season...Last year was a sad season but Mom the wonderful woman that she was brightened it for me but this year is devastating with them both gone. I cannot seem to find the Christmas spirit anywhere...I try very hard for the kids' sake to keep a smile on my face but once they all go home I am left lost and alone with all of my feelings of sadness making me want to go to bed and cover my head until after the New Year arrives. I could never explain what I am feeling but those of you who have lost a parent or two know it is an overriding sadness that weighs heavy on your heart....

So as I always do I wrote down my feelings in my words of poetry...

The World Is Empty Without You Here...

As Christmas descends around the world...
And loved ones all gather...
Into sadness I am hurled...
Skipping this season I would rather.

The children come and decorations are hung...
Smiles and laughter ring out...
Christmas carols are cheerily sung...
But leave me alone I would rather shout.

The tree goes up and the lights are lit...
The presents are all wrapped...
On my couch I solemnly sit...
Feeling totally trapped.
The Christmas singing and the bells chime...
Aren't the same without your voice so clear...
All I can do is cry all the time..
The world is empty without you here.

Written December 15, 2015
Christmas without mom & dad
Joy & Cashmier Kotlarz 
by: Frances (Kotlarz) Glennon 

Ó Frances Glennon 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Poem for Momma

I wrote this Poem to say goodbye to my Mom...When she left this world to join my Dad in heaven I not only lost a Mom but my best friend and as you can see from the words in the poem it made me very upset and lost...I wanted to say goodbye and let her know how much I love her and will miss her...Written with all the love in my heart for you Momma by your baby girl Sissy...

My Momma My Best Friend

A Poem For Momma
 Momma, You kissed my boo boos you dried my tears...You helped me grow through the years.You taught me all I would need to know...The seeds of love for to sow.Now you've gone from this world...Into despair my life is hurled.But you reached out to touch my face...and shine upon me with loving grace.So now I sit and I can have not gone you're here with me.I love you momma is all I can say...I will carry you in my heart every day.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gluten Free Meatloaf Surprise

Ok folks having to go gluten free has practically made a mad scientist out of me...I can't stand the terrible flavors of the store bought gluten free items so to the kitchen with test tubes and a bunch of components I have gone and every now and then through all those experiments comes shining through one or two delicious meals...This one has become not only my favorite but a family favorite too so give it a try and I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do... :)

Gluten Free Meat Loaf Surprise
2 cups Corn Chex (run in food Processor to make 1 cup crumbs)
1 1/2 lbs. Hamburger
1 sweet Bell Pepper finely chopped
1 onion finely chopped
1 clove Garlic finely chopped
1tsp. ginger
1tsp. cumin
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 cup parsley leaves chopped(can use cilantro here if you prefer that flavor)
2 Eggs
2 oz Cheddar cheese (white no additives sliced lengthwise off the brick)
2 Mozzarella cheese sticks (all natural no additives cut lengthwise in half)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Mix all ingredients except the cheese together and place half of the meat mixture into a loaf pan make a channel down the center then place 2 halves of one Mozzarella stick in the bottom add the cheddar and place the 2 halves of the other mozzarella stick on the top place second half of meat mixture on top pushing down on the sides to seal the cheese in the center place in oven and bake until temp in center is 175 degrees (when putting thermometer into meat loaf be careful to NOT get it into the cheese pocket the reading will be wrong and cheese will leak out). Cook about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs at the end of this time if the temp is correct then cover with barbecue sauce and return to oven for another 5 min or so to thicken and caramelize the sauce...serve and enjoy!!