Thursday, September 13, 2018

I am a Mommy too!

I recently had an encounter with a young mother where in we were talking about raising kids and she was pretty harassed having two very young children who were acting up pretty good...She stood there looking lost and in need and sure enough she asked me if I could give her some advice on ways to help her get them under control... she told me that she had tried everything and she was at her wits end...for about a half hour or so she launched into all the things that were wrong with her kids and how big a pain in the butt they were...when she was done I suggested that she read some materials on positive parenting and do some investigating to find some positive behavioral modification applications that would work for her...I also let her know to not expect changes over night that it could take up to a couple of months before she saw any changes at all and even longer for a complete change from what she called hooligan to well behaved child...I let her know that you will still have differences of opinions and may even have an argument or two but you have to remember that is just them becoming independent, Self - thinking,  responsible adults and all you have to do is teach them how to argue in a good she went off and read what i suggested and as soon as the literature said that she would have to change her attitude and respond to the kids in a whole new fashion to see a change she decided that I did not know what I was talking about because I did not have any kids!...That is when I get a little upset and pull out the photo album to show her I have 6 youngin's 18 grand babies and 6 great grand babies...not to mention the uncountable number of children that I have cared for and had a hand in raising from the time that I was 12 till the current ones that I have a hand in raising Now....
So Please before you assume that I have no children check to see if what you are saying is the truth and remember that just because I am old it does not mean that I lost a title along the way. I have only had a couple added. The most important thing for you to remember when you think that I know nothing about raising kids is that I am a Mother too!