Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Creative Journey

OK this subject is something that is close to my heart and I am very proud of my accomplishments thus far.
What I am talking about is my creative journey and starting my business which are both showcased on a website hidden on the obscure back roads of the Internet. On this site you will find examples of my wonderful creations. (Oh don't worry I am still working on many more).

This Journey started with a deep down desire to write Poems. I jotted down sentences that by themselves really seemed silly but they were all the feelings bottled up inside of me that just needed to come out. I spent my teen years writing them down then building  poems around them. Then as I got older I simply worked it into my everyday life and every big life changing moment is now down on paper with Rhyme and Rhythm. My children and Grandchildren all have poems and lullabies that I wrote especially for them.
Next from a love of watching my Grandmother create her beautiful blankets and doilies came an urge to learn how it was done. She and I spent many hours frustrated and happy all at the same time while I learned to ply crochet hook to yarn and come up with something that was actually useful. Although many of those hours in the beginning were very frustrating I would not trade a single minute of them for anything in the world. I did finally get good enough to make a blanket for my baby and one for my Mom too.
I also found that I have a natural ease with the needle if  I just relax and let the creative juices flow. Today I am still coming up with ways to apply my crochet skills to many things thus my family is getting a bit frustrated as the rooms in my house fill up with the things that my fingers must create. Yes not only is there an urge to work on something there is a deep in the soul need to do it. I can't really explain this but I sit down and pick up the crochet needle and any long stringy thing available and turn it into something useful.
 Next came my learning to weave though less frustrating than making my fingers work together with the crochet needle and yarn it still gave me a bit of difficulty at first. As I worked through tangled threads and fingers that refused to do what was wanted I figured out that this was not my true calling. Although I can weave as well as I do all of my other crafts it was not what I really wanted to do so it was a short detour on my creative journey.Although someday I do want weave another blanket.
 Then my Grandmother decided since she was a tailor and I was so good at so many other things I should learn to sew also. I learned to make beautiful tiny stitches that turn out somewhat in a straight line although my fingers became pin cushions I found that this was another thing I liked to do. There is just something calming about sitting and stitching by hand. I spent many a night while my daughter was little stitching tiny booties and hats both from clothe and yarn. I learned to create beautiful pictures using cross stitch and other embroidery stitches which again was something I found had a calming affect on me. Then came the era of plastic canvas. That was one craft I picked up easily as I had already learned to do cross stitch and embroidery which are the same stitches used in plastic canvas. My children and grandchildren all got boxes and piggy banks that year...LOL..
The following projects were made of waxes, not just candles but figurines too. Then came a stint with clay which started innocently by playing with the kids and play dough and turned into many little "statues" hanging around on my shelves.
 Next came painting (although it is not going really well) I like doing it as I can really express the way I feel whether angry, sad, or glad it doesn't matter the emotion I can set it down on canvas the same as I do on paper with words so I am still working on building my skills in that department...
I dabble in wood and plastic making magnets or pictures and sometimes other little things for the home. My most recent experimentations are with glass and the many things you can do with it...I can't waite to see what my fingers create.
I guess what I have taken so long to say is that I have looked into many of the different forms of art and can say without a doubt that I know how to express myself and my imagination runs wild! I have a tendency to try things in my creations that are not customary for that craft and find that this can lead to some very unusual results which in turn leaves me with some weird decorations in my workroom. I have saved all the little experiments along with the scraps from all the things that I have made and some day I will find a use for them all like I did with the ones I used in the collage I just completed showing my love of  Nature and Creativity. This collage is not made of paper but tiny bits of leftovers from the many things that I have made it is beautiful and framed and reminds me of my creative journey in life.
I have to admit there were times when out of necessity I had to lay my crafts aside to take care of kids or make ends meet and at those times I felt that there was something definitely missing in my life so I decided that I would find a way to keep crafts in my life and I started with making all the gifts that were needed throughout the year instead of buying them then after the kids had moved out I used my creativity to fill the many empty hours in my days.
Now what was once something done from necessity, emotions and a need to fill time has evolved into something I love to do and share with the world which brings me to where I am today and the birth of my business Redneck Kreations.
I hope that you will take a look at my site and enjoy seeing the steps of  my creative journey...
Redneck Kreations