Saturday, March 25, 2017

A year has come and gone since I stopped by here the last time (Hope y'all didn't miss me too much).
In that year I have had many occasions to smile and many to get me really thinking about what is most important in life, at least for me...

         The year started off really good then I got sick went in to the doctors for a routine blood test and found out that it was not so routine after all...needless to say it totally changed my whole perspective on life and although the same things that were always important to me still are I have found that there is now a more intense appreciation for and need to keep in touch and spend as much time as possible with those whom I love...I have faced the fact of my own mortality and that life does not "just go on". There have been times when I wanted to scream and cry and times when I think about how much wasted time there is in life when people fight over stupid things  and can't put aside their differences to get along. The other thing is that there are so many tears that are needlessly shed because people are so cruel to those who are a bit different then they are or may need a helping hand. If the world was just kind enough to reach out a helping hand to their neighbor without expecting something in return and without thinking about the cost to them or the time that it would take away from their recreational activities then every one would smile and no one would be lacking for caring hands, food or anything else they might find themselves in need of.  Those reaching out would feel the moving love within themselves; that good feeling that comes from giving unconditionally.
       Instead this world we live in would rather fight over and hate things as trivial as a difference of opinion, what religion some one practices, the color of a persons skin and whether or not we should protect our world and leave it better for our children. This is such a shame because life is really short to begin with and when you are faced with something which will definitely shorten that time you really come to terms and realize as you watch the world and all their petty grievances that there are many more things that you have to be thankful for they will never figure out until that final moment when they are going to die and then it is way to late to do anything about it or appreciate them.    And that my friends is the kicker to finding out that you have that life shortening disease or as my Mom would call it "The silver lining" to all that has happened in this past year. I got a fore warning so that I am able to realize that choosing your battles is very important because the fight you are fighting now is the only important battle in your life and that all of these little blessings are not so small.
  All this brings to mind one of my favorite songs and how I really didn't understand it until now the song is called "Live like you were dying" and simply it means to open your eyes and heart and soul then you will find a whole new world in front of you and you will definitely appreciate it all which in my opinion is what we should all take the time to do now so when that day comes you will have no regrets. You will have said all you need to say, loved all those you needed to love and appreciated every step along the way.