Monday, February 12, 2018

Where do they go?

This question has been weighing heavy on my mind for about a year now...
I am talking about all the people you know who are friends and family who disappear once you cannot give them everything they want and need from you.
 I have always had friends and family gathered around and hardly ever went a day without a phone call or visit from someone but then I fell upon hard times, got sick, and could not put as much into everyone else's problems as I had to concentrate on my own at the time. I noticed as the days and weeks went by that fewer and fewer of my friends and family came by or called. I have found myself in my time of need alone and lonely. Now mind you I am not one to do for someone just to get something in return as I completely enjoy helping others out and I would not change a single thing that I have done for them. I am very glad I could be there to help them out in their time of need. I do however wonder sometimes why they cannot find it in there hearts and schedules to just call and say hello. I guess they just don't realize how far a simple hello can go for someone who is sick and cannot be anywhere near as active as they used to be. I am thinking that they just don't realize how important they are to the person who is sick and how much that person wishes that they could see or hear from them on a regular basis just like they did before the illness set in. The only thing left to a person who is sick to that level is the friendship and love of those around them. The ability to have someone to care and keep them company while they wait to die.