Monday, December 23, 2013

Losing my best friend..

It is Christmas time and all around me there are decorations and cheery people...yet today I sit here with tears in my eyes for today I have lost my Best friend...His name was Scooby and he was an oversized tank of a Black Lab...he loved to chase a stick when you threw it retrieving perfectly as a lab does...In the spring time when we tapped the Maples he always made the rounds with us to pick up the buckets so he could eat the ice we removed from the top of the sap...He would chew on anything you left in his reach when we left him home alone but he would always greet us with a smile and tail wag when we walked in...He was a bundle of energy and loved to "Wander" around the yard and gardens...he loved the kitties and his bestest buddy was a orange kitty named Prince...he Loved kids and whenever they were around he would run and play with them and from time to time he would give them a ride on his back too...he would follow me around the house all the time I could not go anywhere without him and now I must move on in life and say goodbye to my "Buddy"...I know he will be waiting for me to join him in heaven but it is really hard to say goodbye after all these years of having him quietly and patiently take care of me...Love You Scooby..

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