Sunday, April 12, 2015

Poem for Momma

I wrote this Poem to say goodbye to my Mom...When she left this world to join my Dad in heaven I not only lost a Mom but my best friend and as you can see from the words in the poem it made me very upset and lost...I wanted to say goodbye and let her know how much I love her and will miss her...Written with all the love in my heart for you Momma by your baby girl Sissy...

My Momma My Best Friend

A Poem For Momma
 Momma, You kissed my boo boos you dried my tears...You helped me grow through the years.You taught me all I would need to know...The seeds of love for to sow.Now you've gone from this world...Into despair my life is hurled.But you reached out to touch my face...and shine upon me with loving grace.So now I sit and I can have not gone you're here with me.I love you momma is all I can say...I will carry you in my heart every day.