Sunday, June 16, 2013

Garage Sales

Ok you probably are thinking this is a silly subject to talk about but I can assure my thoughts on this matter are serious. Most of us have gone to garage sales or even held a few in our lifetimes. what really gets me is the people that frequent them to buy things that they later sell. I understand that they want to buy something and make a profit on it later but when the garage sale prices are already so low that the person selling these items is practically giving them away and these people come in there trying to get them to sell it even cheaper it becomes very frustrating. The prices on these items will already give anyone looking to resell a hefty profit so why are they trying to rob the person selling them. The thing that we all have to remember is that in a lot of cases especially in this day and age these people are not selling their possessions because they don't want them but because they need the money to make ends meet.They need to pay for gas to get to work for the rest of the month or for groceries or the new shoes their babies need. Sometimes they are moving to a new city and need the money to help them get there or to settle in until the salary from the new job kicks in. They are not in the business of selling they just need to make it through one more day. So in conclusion those of you out there who make a living buying and selling garage sale items please think about someone else for a change if the price is low enough that you will make a decent profit let it be and pay it. Think about the humanity side of things instead of just your bottom line!
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